Using data to create more customer focused
and efficient government

The central government holds an enormous amount of data to perform its tasks. But are these data sources also being used to improve policy? Indeed, citizens rely on their government to be competent, efficient and to take decisions based on facts. They also expect the services it provides to be customer focused and tailored to their needs. Cmotions can help you to combine both by utilising data.


Increasing customer appreciation

Reducing implementation costs

High-quality services


Production costs

Unplanned processing costs

It's quite a challenge to combine an increase in customer appreciation with the efficient and effective delivery of services. Customer appreciation is increased by making the discrepancy between what customers expect and what they actually experience as small as possible. Implementation costs are reduced by eliminating unnecessary processing steps, e.g. by removing ambiguity surrounding the customer process.

Customer/citizen developments

  • Personalisation: services tailored to their needs
  • Digitisation and automation: one single request
  • Omnichannel management and identification
  • Privacy: what is the government allowed to collect?
  • Result: demands on punctuality and completeness

Developments in the industry

  • Customer focus: what do citizens want?
  • Matrix organisation: communication between departments
  • Long periods of employment and high turnover of professionals
  • Data-driven working in a 20th-centrury IT landscape
  • Legislation and regulation: rapid succession of policy changes


Cashing in on bureaucratic legacy

Working out the sequence of events

Automated processing of citizens´ data

Developing data-driven competencies

The government collects and processes a lot of data about its citizens simply by performing its natural operational role. This data could include phone calls, rulings, appeals and interactions on the website. Turning this data into knowledge about the path that citizens travel down opens up opportunities to make processes more efficient and more customer focused. It means citizens only have to supply their information once, they can find information online that is tailor-made for them, and prevents redundant work being carried out.

Propositions - how Cmotions helps


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