Sustainably distinctive in a price focused market

Sustainability is a top priority, consumers are increasingly changing into prosumers and a new market dynamic is emerging. The energy sector in the Netherlands is therefore left with no choice but to change course. A course towards a customer focused, low-CO2 future, where the emphasis
is on new products and services.






Cross-selling and up-selling

Retaining valuable customers


Data is the ultimate fuel for the business model of the future for energy suppliers, which is all about sustainability, innovation and hyper-relevance. Due to data science and machine learning, it is now possible to analyse huge amounts of data in real time and to apply it in relevant customer and service concepts for individual customers or corporate clients via various different channels.

Customer developments

  • Digitisation
  • Better informed
  • Less loyal
  • More environmentally aware
  • More convenience

Developments in the industry

  • More players/providers
  • Development of energy tariffs
  • Growth in value added services
  • Sustainable energy sources
  • Energy agreement


Data as the new fuel

Relevant & distinctive

Compliance (legislation and regulation)

New revenue models

Customer retention & loyalty

The energy market has been characterised in recent years by the arrival of some relatively new players and the switching behaviour of customers. Alongside that, sustainable energy and digitisation are growing in importance, which is creating new opportunities in a relatively homogeneous market.

Propositions - how Cmotions helps

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