Channel strategy

Analysis & benchmark

Analysis & benchmark

What's the state of play?

We run an analysis on the current status of the channels and their interrelationships. We do this with a focus on the internal organisation, processes and systems and the performance of the various channels.

We assess the existing situation and compare it to the main competition in your field and the trends in your customer base so that we know where to aim the strategy.

Strategy & roadmap

Strategy & roadmap

What game should I play?

Based on our analysis of the existing situation and our assessment of internal targets and external developments, we then pin down the ideal arrangement of channels as well as the optimal interplay between them. Meanwhile, we take customer preferences into account and concentrate on the optimum customer experience and cost-efficiency. Responding to changes in the self-service and distribution landscape in the banking sector.

We formulate a strategy and turn it into a roadmap of the practical actions to take.

Organisation & direction

Organisation & direction

How do you play a winning game?

Strategic success starts with having the right team. So that is of course Step One in the implementation of any strategy. Designing and structuring the organisation.

On top of this, we ensure progress by setting crystal-clear goals and recording and monitoring them in a coherent control model with corresponding dashboards.

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