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The festival season is over, time to take a look back. It was another bustling season with lots of hands in the air, glittery faces, confetti cannons and somewhat overpriced (vegan) burgers.The season we exchanged coins for contactless debit cards. All the festivals could be found again on YellowTipi as usual. Cmotions analyzed the data from our website and came up with some interesting facts. For example, do you know what the most chosen initial, for acts is? Don’t you? We do now. Be sure to read on.

Benny Rodrigues most booked artist

He does not sit still, that Benny. We can now speak of a legend. For years he has filled many a club or festival tent. He is one of the few artists who is a respected DJ in several genres. Under his alias ROD he produces raw techno sounds, under his alias Younger Rebinds he produces deeper house music. Most versatile alias is still the name Benny Rodrigues himself, under which he appeared at over 20 festivals this season. Former Yellow Claw member Bizzey walked away with second place.

Names starting with a D were very popular this year

Of all 4119 different artists who took the stage at a Dutch festival this year, the initial D was the most popular. No fewer than 391 acts have a name beginning with this letter.De Staat, Disco Dolly Soundsystem, Donnie, Dermot Kennedy, the list is long.Or could the popularity be due to the fact that many DJs have names that start with DJ entirely appropriately (DJ Marcelle, DJ Jean, etc.). After the D, the M did “best” (360 times), at number three is the S (345).

Urban rises, but house and pop remain most popular

No one will have failed to notice that hip-hop as a genre is rapidly growing in popularity. For example, it is the most streamed genre on Spotify. Yet in the festival world, we see that house is more prevalent. At many urban/hip-hop festivals, there is often a house stage as well. Everyone loves a house record or two to get their hands in the air. Pop is also still very popular. This is easy to explain because, after all, pop stands for popular.

Furthermore, we see that pop music is very popular everywhere except in our capital city. There, by the way, the spread of genres is the greatest. So if you are a big fan of reggae, jazz, drum and bass or any other specific genre, you are most likely to get your money’s worth in Amsterdam. If you are more into pop music, you should look elsewhere. Techno is proportionally best represented in Rotterdam. That’s fitting for such a port city.

Siri de Ruiter
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