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No, this article is not intended as an attempt at greenwashing, nor is it meant as a sales pitch. However, we think it is very important to share how we try to make a positive contribution to the world around us, but also to share in which areas we can really improve.

In this article we take you through how making a positive impact on society has become one of our core values and how we (want to) make even more positive impact in the coming years by means of a concrete and measurable corporate social responsibility policy.

The idea of pursuing social objectives in addition to our commercial goals is not new….

For example, two fanatical Cmotions colleagues started the Who Cares initiative about eight years ago. In the years that followed, this initiative grew into a concept within the organization, to which many colleagues contributed. Internally, the name Who Cares has since become almost obsolete. Indeed, wanting to make a positive impact flows more and more through the veins of Cmotions.

Some of the Who Cares’ initiatives over the years:

  • Many guest lectures in partnership with language school IMC and later in partnership with Microsoft
  • Theme days and weeks to inform, motivate and activate colleagues to make a valuable impact
  • Rolling up our sleeves together for a cleaner world
  • Inspiring (guest speaking) sessions
  • Informative blogs on our intranet about topics that matter to us.


We do not only look outward, but we also want to take a critical look at ourselves. For this reason and to maximize our positive impact in the future, our CSR policy was professionalized in 2022. In collaboration with The Sustainable Advisors, we conducted a baseline measurement in 2022 to assess our CSR performance. From this starting point, combined with our knowledge and experience, we determined two categories on which we will focus in the coming years: Positive Climate Impact and Equity of Opportunity. Within these two categories, six project teams are working on concrete focus themes, to which we want to contribute both internally and externally.

Areas of Focus


By the end of 2023, there is a common definition of “equity of opportunity” within Cmotions, what equity of opportunity should include within the organization and how it should be evaluated annually.



By 2025, we teach 200 adjusted hours to, or on behalf of, vulnerable groups.



By January 1, 2026, Cmotions aims to achieve climate-neutral purchasing, including through the circular use of non-biodegradable products to benefit the climate and raise awareness.



By January 1, 2026, Cmotions will have no leased cars running on fossil fuel, provided that the transition must contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and not weaken employee satisfaction with the fleet.




By 2030, Cmotions will be in a climate-neutral office building.


Analytics for a Better World

In line with our CSR policy, another great thing has come about in the past year, something we are very proud of, have already invested many hours in and have been able to make a concrete impact with, is the partnership with Analytics for a Better World.

Together with Analytics for a Better World, we are also making the benefits of data available to NGOs. A new article on this will follow soon.

Mike te Beest
Medior Consultant
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