Month: June 2018

How data analysts experience cognitive biases and how to recognise them: Part 6

26 June 2018

Cognitive biases: We all have them and we regularly encounter them in everyday life. But how... read more

PIM Meeting on Data Science: 3 July at Cmotions

22 June 2018

On 3 July there is a topical session of the PIM (Platform Innovation in Marketing) on... read more

Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland is inspiring and bringing people together – Cmotions was there

20 June 2018

The Netherlands’ largest knowledge festival, Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland, was held once again on Thursday... read more

How can you deploy MOOCs when creating a data science culture? Do’s and don’ts.

7 June 2018

MOOCs (massive online open courses) are incredibly popular with data scientists due to the many advantages... read more

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