Month: January 2018

Power BI vs. Qlikview vs. Tableau – which data visualisation tool should I choose (Part 1/2)

31 January 2018

Clients often ask us which data visualisation tool or dashboarding tool is actually the ‘best’. In... read more

How data analysts experience cognitive biases and how to recognise them: Part 1

29 January 2018

Cognitive biases: We all have them and we regularly encounter them in everyday life. But how... read more

Data is the new gold when it matches your vision and mission

24 January 2018

Many organisations are unable to effectively use the data they have. Data can appear to be... read more

Data Visualisation and Predictive Modelling in SAS Visual Analytics vs. IBM Watson Analytics

22 January 2018

As data becomes increasingly important and increasingly abundant, sometimes it can be difficult to extract the... read more

Corporate Social Responsibility: “Who Cares”

18 January 2018

One of the main motivations for me to get involved with “Who Cares?” was the desire... read more

How we use artificial intelligence to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs

17 January 2018

Anyone who has ever called the service line of a government body or a large service... read more

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