Month: January 2017

Building a bridge between the online transaction and the customer

30 January 2017

More effective marketing by combining online behaviour and customer knowledge All marketeers know they need to... read more

Join in with The Analytics Lab election hackathon!

20 January 2017

Two weeks before the 2012 Dutch parliamentary elections, the SP was still at 35 seats in... read more

Learn R with Experience R Register now!

16 January 2017

As a (data) analyst, you are always thinking about how you can help your organisation to... read more

What do Santa Claus and Carnival Festival Have in Common?

5 January 2017

Every year, around Christmas time, the big, red lorry with Santa Claus on the side appears... read more

5 Types of Bias in Data & Analytics

5 January 2017

“The average is nobody” There has never been so much data available for making decisions. According... read more

Personal and relevant pension communication

2 January 2017

Adapt pension communication to participant’s profile The Pension Communication Act has laid the first building blocks... read more

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